Marketing and Distribution

The Company has been able to compete in Europe with other companies which also sell their products in the United States. The management believes that it will, once its products have been approved by the FDA, be able to be competitive in United States.
Biocoral® has been approved for marketing in European countries, Korea, South Africa, Canada and Australia. Biocoral® has been approved for reimbursement in France by French National Health Authority (Securité Sociale) and is listed on the “Liste des Produits et Prestations Remboursables” (LPPR) reimbursement by French National Health Authority.

Biocoral® is marketed to the hospital, surgeons using bone graft and dentists. Biocoral® received the authorization of marketing in the European countries market "EC lable" on December 30, 1996 which authorizes the Company to market its products throughout the European countries.. Since, this authorization has been renewed several times and it is into force currently contractual relationships are developed with hospitals and scientific centers in Europe to continue to extend licensing and distribution agreements.